Brothers, Vintners, Founders

We come from a family of great cooks, where the heart and soul of our family traditions have always been great meals complemented by classic California wines, chosen with care. We are natives of the San Francisco Bay Area, yet we’ve lived and traveled abroad, gaining an appreciation for Old World food and wine traditions beyond what we enjoy here in California.  Those traditions and experiences shaped our passion for wines that complement well prepared meals, rather than overpower them. 

Maybe it was genetic, but we started making wine in a basement 25 years ago, and later in various garages, with time acquiring the skills and confidence in preparation for our commercial venture.  Careers in engineering, high technology, and finance consumed our efforts for many years, but you only go around once, so we founded Bailiwick in the fall of 2009.  We now source from vineyards in multiple appellations, seeking differentiated expressions of each varietal.  We literally travel hundreds of miles each year seeking vineyards and growers aligned with our vision for quality and expressiveness.

The wines we produce are personal; they are what we choose for our own table.  We revel in wines that reward close inspection, that seem to make time slow down as your senses flood with subtle attributes of aroma and taste.  Crafted to harmonize with food, our wines lead to memorable fusions of aroma, flavor, friends, time and place.  

Enjoy them in good health and good company!    

Paul & Bryan Vais


Bailiwick Wines

21684 8th Street East, #470

Sonoma CA 95476



Bailiwick wines are best enjoyed with friends and family over epic home cooked meals.